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Specialty Brats

Ruef's Meat Market is your bratwurst headquarters featuring a large selection of "specialty" brats to liven up your cook-out or tail-gating party!


Bacon & Blue Cheese Brats:
The Bacon & Blue Cheese brat is made with real Wisconsin blue cheese and delicious bacon. Our most popular brat!

Apple Brats:
The Apple Brat is coarse ground and made with pork, applesauce, and cinnamon. It has a delicious subtle sweet flavor.

Beer & Onion Brats:
Made with The New Glarus Brewing Company's own Spotted Cow beer and a dash of onions. Our beer and onion brat is the hit of the Oktoberfest!

The "Portable Wisconsin" Beer, Bacon, & Cheese Brat:
A symphony of all the things that make the Badger State great.
It's got beer in it! It's got bacon in it! It's got cheese (a blend of cheddar and mozzarella) in it!
Need we say more?

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Brats:
A serendiptous blunder of a brat. While making a batch of Mushroom/Swiss brats one day somebody accidentally poured the wrong kind of cheese into the mixer. The results were delicious.
I wanted to call it the "Fungus & Mold Brat" but got voted down.

Sauerkraut & Onion Brats:
Here in Wisconsin, Bratwurst topped with sauer kraut and onions is practically a holy sacrament. So we figured why not save some time and just put the toppings right in the brat?

Hawaiian Style Pineapple Brats:
I don't know if they have bratwurst in Hawaii, but if they do, I bet they're a lot like this little number. A pork brat with crushed pineapples mixed right in for a mildly sweet taste.

Cranberry Brats:
Yup, Pineapple, Apple....the next logical step could only be cranberries! (OK - we're talking "pretzel logic" here but consider the source) (hmmm... wait a minute... pretzels?....) These guys have a bit of a tart flavor.

The Hi-Chee-Mama Super Hot Pepper Brat:
Swiss sausages are traditionally not very spicy (although they're very flavorful) so consequently neither are most of our products. But since we're often asked for spicy sausages, we decided to make a hot brat. Made with four different types of pepper, these aren't for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Cheddar Brats:
This one was something of a "no-brainer" since cheese filled hot dogs and other sausages are becoming fairly common place. Made with pork and real Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

Swiss Cheese Brats:
The natural next step from Cheddar Brats - these are also made with pork and
are loaded with real Wisconsin Swiss cheese.

Italian Sausage Brats:
The Italian Sausage Brat is Bill's personal favorite. Similar in flavor to the type of sausage your favorite pizza might be topped with, these have a sweet Italian flavor - as opposed to a hot spicy flavor.

Chili-Cheese Brats:
The Chili-Cheese brat is a tasty coarse-ground pork bratwurst
with real chili and Wisconsin cheddar cheese mixed right in.

Teriyaki Brats:
A subtle sweetness permeates this delicious pork brat made with real pineapple and soy sauce.

Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Brats:
The Mushroom & Swiss Cheese brat is a delicious coarse-ground pork bratwurst made with real wisconsin swiss cheese and mushrooms.

Spicy Pepper-Jack Cheese Brats:
The Spicy Pepper-Jack Cheese brat is loaded with Wisconsin-made Pepper-Jack cheese and Jalapeno Pepper, giving them just enough heat to make your tastebuds stand up and take notice!

Pizza Brats:
Made with Mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, and Italian spices.

Bacon-Cheddar Brats:
The Bacon-Cheddar brat is made with real Wisconsin cheddar cheese and delicious bacon. Bursting with flavor!

Taco Brats:
Our Taco Brat is made with tomato paste, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, and tasty taco spices. Top it with sour cream and lettuce and enjoy a fiesta in every bite!

Cheesesteak Brats:
Imagine a Philly Cheesesteak stuffed into a bratwurst! Made with green bell peppers, onions, and a generous helping of Mozzarella cheese.


None of these specialty brats are smoked and consequently they are too risky to ship.
So you'll just have to hop in the ol' Buick and come get them in person
(don't forget to bring a cooler!) But be sure to call ahead as we don't always
have every one of these varieties on hand at any given time.


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